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D4 Shop Oddities

Players get tired of hearing that the general store has whatever’s in the player’s handbook. Liven up the estabishment by having the shop offer something unique. Roll on the table to see what the general store has in stock!

1) Rat tails: This shop has hundreds of thin rat tails. There is a big rat problem in town and the mayor forces the shop owner to buy every rat tail offered to him for 1 CP each. He offers them to the PCs for free.

2) Glass Figurines: There are numerous 2” tall glass figures representing everything from animals to plants, and important people and places. They are only 1 SP each and are very well made.

3) Puppies: This shopkeeper has a problem picking up strays and is willing to give anyone a free puppy if they promise to take care of them. What the shopkeeper doesn’t know is that these puppies are actually dire wolf pups. The pups will be fully grown in 2 months.

4) Dwarvish Vodka: This strong dwarvish beverage is made to transform the mightiest dwarf into a giddy fool. Anyone drinking this beverage must make a Constitution DC 12 saving throw at disadvantage. Those who fail are poisoned for 1 hour.

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