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Learning the Ropes by @purely-a-trashcan is available in a beautiful glossy softcover with THREE count em THREE exclusive bonus chapters and I want YOU to get to hold it in your gorgeous hands! And also read it!

I will select two winners on May 23rd. That way if you don’t win, you can still pre-order before pre-orders close on May 25th.

Okay rule time:

1) You must be okay with giving me your address. I will ship ANYWHERE so don’t worry if you’re international. I got you bb

2) A like = 1 entry. First reblog = 2 entries. Any reblogs after your first will only count as one entry. Don’t spam your followers, kids. I’ll pick the winners by a random number generator.

3) Entries will cut off 11:59 PM MAY 22nd

4) It’s not a rule, nor would it affect your entry, but I would love it if you reblogged and told us your favorite chapter or scene in LtR :D

Thank you and good luck! 

Two days left!!

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