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honestly the funniest thing about the lord of the rings is how gandalf is literally a minor god sent to middle-earth by The Big Man Himself and yet literally nobody apart from the elves seems to recognise this or take him seriously

like yeah gandalf is pretty grumpy most of the time but how would YOU feel if you were the fantasy equivalent of an angel and a bunch of people who only come up to your knee were just like “oh fuck it’s that spooky old wizard” every time you showed up for a friend’s birthday party

I mean to be fair, he seems to actively enjoy the hobbits’ complete lack of awe, because what Gandalf loves most about hobbits is that they as a culture are 1000% unimpressed by any of the mythic-scale bullshit constantly going on right outside their borders. The thing Gandalf loves second-most about hobbits is their weed.

What gets on his nerves is the rest of the free peoples of middle earth, for whom he is constantly busting his ass and who consistently respond to his attempts to help with “why don’t you ever have any good news?” and also who don’t offer him any weed.

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