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Mansplaining protip:





When a man starts explaining a concept you already told him you understand, instead of saying “I know” over and over until you die, try one of these:

  • Ok, which aspect is confusing you?
  • It seems like you have the basics down; Would you like me to recommend some good articles so you can get a more nuanced understanding?
  • So did you have a specific question, or do you just want a more in depth explanation?


teacher-zone him

My cousin is an asst psych professor. Her new boss brought up how male students sometimes challenge female professors. He asked how she handles that: she says ‘hold on: let me take notes’, grabs a pen & paper, and proceeds to take no notes. If he asks why, she says ‘Tell me something I don’t know & I’ll have something to write’; no student has tried twice. Her boss laughed and asked her to mention it at the next staff meeting.

Well shit

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